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Top 10 Best Waterproof Work Gloves

Top 10 Best Waterproof Work Gloves | Buyer's Guide

Working in the rain and other wet conditions can be a pain. Slippery, clammy hands are uncomfortable and can decrease performance and productivity. They even run the risk of accidents and injuries. For construction, fishing, road work, and any other job exposed to water, the right waterproof work gloves can make the difference between a bad work day and a good work day.

To address this problem, PalmFlex has assembled a large collection of waterproof gloves for every application. Read on to learn which ones we consider the best waterproof work gloves to keep your hands dry all day long.

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Tips for Staying Dry While Working in the Rain

Working in the Rain | 4 Tips for Staying Dry at Work

The weather can make or break your progress on a job. If there’s precipitation in your forecast, be prepared with our best tips for staying dry while working in the rain.

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How to Prevent Heat Stress in the Workplace

Prevent Heat Stress in the Workplace

Every year, thousands of workers around the country fall victim to heat stress injuries and illnesses. However, workers can beat the heat by taking proper safety precautions and by wearing the right warm weather workwear like cooling vests and other cooling apparel. Continue reading to learn how to prevent heat stress in the workplace.

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Best Palm Coated Work Gloves With Grip

Best Palm Coated Work Gloves With Grip

All work gloves provide a certain amount of grip by design. For some applications, extra grip is required for the safety of the workers and/or the materials being handled. We recommend gloves with superior grip if: A) You carry heavy objects, e.g. warehouse work or landscaping, B) You handle fragile materials, e.g. assembly or glass handling, or C) You work in higher elevations, e.g. construction or roofing. In all of these fields of work, palm coated gloves can provide the extra grip needed to prevent drops or falls. PalmFlex carries a wide selection to cater to every unique need. Browse our top recommendations for the best palm coated work gloves with grip below. Continue reading

Best Construction Clothing & PPE

Best Construction Clothing & PPE

Construction is an essential yet inherently risky line of work. In fact, one in five worker fatalities in the private sector is in construction. This is why having the best construction clothing and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) are important investments that everyone in high-impact work environments should have on hand. Combined with proper training and regular inspections, construction safety wear can literally save lives. 

There are many types of PPE available, and each can play an important role in your next project. You can find it all at PalmFlex by shopping from the best construction workwear brands like Showa Atlas, Majestic, PIP and more. Use the buyer’s guide below for our best construction clothing and PPE recommendations.

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Best Cleaning Gloves & PPE

If you ask someone about their favorite activities, odds are cleaning is not high up on the list. Interacting with dirt, grime, and bacteria can be unpleasant to say the least, and without the right cleaning PPE, it could even get you sick. To minimize the unpleasantness and risks around this necessary task, we’ve assembled a wide collection of cleaning gloves, dishwashing gloves, and more cleaning PPE. Whether you’re looking for the best cleaning gloves for personal or professional use, we’ve got you covered at PalmFlex. Read on to learn our top recommendations.

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Best Gardening Gloves in 2023

Best Gardening Gloves

The Best Gardening Gloves for the Job

Gardening season is here, which means you need to get equipped! High-quality garden gloves are a must for safety, sanitation, comfort, and performance. But not all gloves are alike, and depending on your priorities and the task at hand, one style will be more suitable than another. Whether you’re a master gardener or just getting started, take advantage of this buyer’s guide so you can find the best gardening gloves that are right for you.

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How to Dress for Cold Weather Work

Working in the Cold: How to Dress for Cold Weather Work

No matter the job, working in the cold can be challenging and even dangerous. Without proper cold weather work clothes, workers at best will be faced with significant discomfort. At worst, they could suffer from cold stress illnesses such as hypothermia and frostbite. Employers have a responsibility to protect workers’ safety, but it may be difficult to determine what exactly is required. We’ve simplified that process with the following tips on how to dress for cold weather work. Continue reading

Best Cold Weather Work Gloves in 2023

Cold hands can be painful and unpleasant. Without the best cold weather work gloves, workers risk losing control of vehicles, power tools and other equipment — not to mention general discomfort.

To prevent injury and keep projects on schedule, anyone who works outside during the winter needs cold weather work gloves and safety wear. The same goes for people who work in cold conditions year-round. If your company operates in construction, plumbing, freezer, driving, or another industry where the temperatures can dip low, make sure your workers have the best cold weather gloves on the market with this buyer’s guide.
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Which ANSI Cut Level Glove is Right for You

There are hundreds of cut resistant gloves on the market designed to protect your hands from painful cuts and lacerations. In order to determine the right glove for you, it’s important to consider material, size, and other features like high visibility and extra grip. Perhaps the most important factor, however, is choosing the right ANSI cut level.

Starting at level A1 and going up to A9, ANSI levels determine how much cutting load a glove can withstand from a blade before the material is penetrated. Different applications require different cut resistance levels, and lining these up will help you find the right balance of protection and flexibility as well as keep you on budget. See below for a breakdown of ANSI cut levels as well as a convenient cut level gloves chart. Continue reading