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How to Dress for Cold Weather Work

Working in the Cold: How to Dress for Cold Weather Work

No matter the job, working in the cold can be challenging and even dangerous. Without proper cold weather work clothes, workers at best will be faced with significant discomfort. At worst, they could suffer from cold stress illnesses such as hypothermia and frostbite. Employers have a responsibility to protect workers’ safety, but it may be confusing to determine what exactly is required. We’ve simplified that process with the following tips on how to dress for cold weather work. Continue reading

Best Rain Gear for Work in 2020

Best Rain Gear for Work | PalmFlex Buyer's Guide

Not much is worse than getting drenched in the rain for hours on end while you work. For people in construction, transportation, fishing, and other outdoor industries, it is all but impossible to avoid exposure to bad weather. Fortunately, PalmFlex carries a wide selection of waterproof rainwear to keep you dry all day long. Here are our recommendations for the best rain gear for work in 2020. Continue reading

Ranking The Different Types of Face Coverings

Ranking the Different Types of Face Coverings | PalmFlex

As the pandemic stretches on, workers and the general public alike have been tasked with a unique responsibility: wearing effective face coverings to minimize the spread of COVID-19. The CDC strongly recommends face coverings as a simple barrier to prevent respiratory droplets from traveling from one person to another via coughing, sneezing, or even just talking. With all the different types of face coverings available, it can be hard to determine which one is the most effective or right for you. We’ve made it easier by breaking down the different types of face coverings below. Read on to learn how to best equip yourself for the remainder of the pandemic.

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Tips for Staying Dry While Working in the Rain

Working in the Rain | 4 Tips for Staying Dry at Work

The weather can make or break your progress on a job. If there’s precipitation in your forecast, be prepared with our best tips for staying dry while working in the rain.

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Best Construction & Roofing PPE

Best Construction & Roofing PPE

Construction is an essential yet inherently risky line of work. In fact, one in five worker fatalities in the private sector is in construction. This is why quality construction safety wear and roofing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) are important investments that everyone in high-impact work environments should have on hand. Combined with proper training and regular inspections, construction PPE can literally save lives. 

There are many types of personal protective equipment available, and each can play an important role in your next project. You can find the best PPE for your next job by shopping from trusted brands like Showa Atlas, Majestic, PIP and more at PalmFlex. Use the buyer’s guide below for our best construction & roofing PPE recommendations.

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Best PPE For Doctors, Nurses, & Hospital Workers

Throughout 2020, medical professionals have courageously stepped up to the frontlines to treat the many victims of coronavirus. The increased demand for medical care brought on by this virus has also created a greater need for the best PPE for doctors, nurses, and other hospital workers.

While the country is still enduring a disposable PPE shortage, we at PalmFlex are doing everything we can to replenish our stock as quickly as possible to keep our brave healthcare professionals safe. Please use the buyer’s guide below for PPE recommendations and check our website for availability, as inventory fluctuates daily. At PalmFlex, we stand at the ready to supply you with your personal protective equipment needs. Read about the Best PPE For doctors and more below.

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How to Beat Heat Stress with Cooling Vests & Accessories

How to Beat Heat Stress with Cooling Vests & Accessories

Each summer, thousands of workers around the country fall victim to heat stress injuries and illnesses. Heat stress occurs when our body becomes overheated internally through muscle use, externally by the environment, or from a combination of the two.

This increase in body temperature can result in illnesses like heat exhaustion, heat cramps, heat rashes, fainting, or a potentially fatal heat stroke. These illnesses in turn increase the risk of workplace accidents, posing further dangers. However, workers can beat the heat by taking proper safety precautions and by wearing appropriate summer workwear like cooling vests and accessories. Read more below to learn how to beat heat stress.

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Best Water Resistant Coveralls For Work

Best Splash Resistant Coveralls

Sometimes getting down to business means getting dirty. If your employees thrive in an industry that exposes them to water and other liquids, you know the value of a good set of coveralls. Unfortunately, not all coveralls are built to withstand the heavy demands of some applications. To ensure that you provide your employees with the best tools for the job, you need to choose high-quality water resistant products from reliable manufacturers.

Which water resistant coveralls are best for your business? The answer depends on the unique demands of your industry and the level of protection your employees require. PalmFlex understands that different businesses require diverse needs, which is why we carry a wide range of the top water resistant coveralls from the finest manufacturers in the world.

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Best Chemical Resistant Safety Wear

In many industries, chemical resistant work gloves and safety wear are crucial to providing a safe work environment for employees. Whether you need to maintain the stringent hygiene requirements of the medical field or prevent exposure to asbestos during a demolition job, you must provide your crew with the right personal protective equipment (PPE).

Knowing what to look for when shopping for chemical resistant work gloves and safety wear can help you choose the products that are best for your workers, ensuring they stay protected and productive.

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Best Hi Vis Workwear To Stay Visible

Best Hi Vis Workwear

High visibility is important in many situations, such as poor weather conditions and during the winter season when working in the dark is more common. The right hi vis workwear will keep employees safe and visible when working in any weather or lighting condition, and it will ensure employees stay compliant with safety regulations.

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