Tips for Staying Dry While Working in the Rain

Working in the Rain | 4 Tips for Staying Dry at Work

The weather can make or break your progress on a job. If there’s precipitation in your forecast, be prepared with our best tips for staying dry while working in the rain.

1. Wear the Right Waterproof Gloves

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The right gloves make even the slickest jobs easier to manage. Proper waterproof gloves will keep your hands and fingers dry while allowing for flexibility and dexterity so you can complete your tasks. We carry a wide selection of waterproof gloves in a variety of materials and styles to suit your specific needs.

For example, one of the most innovative pairs of gloves for working in the rain is the Showa Atlas 660 Vinylove Gloves. This pair has a chemical resistant and liquid-proof design, perfect for fishing, refineries, cleaning, and more.

For work in cold weather, consider the Majestic 2152TW Waterproof Winter Lined Gloves. Their thinsulate lining and waterproof bladder will keep your hands warm and dry no matter the temperature. They’re also designed with a tough, A-grade pigskin palm built to withstand any rigorous cold weather work.

Explore our top ten best waterproof work gloves for more recommendations.

2. Keep Your Body Dry With Waterproof Rainwear

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For full-body protection, waterproof rainwear goes a long way in keeping you dry while working in the rain. A reflective rain jacket and rain pants are essential. In some industries, waterproof bibs and rain suits can also provide much-needed water protection. Make sure the apparel has the right fit, as going too big or too small can minimize the waterproof benefits. Your jacket hood should be tight enough to stay on even in wind and rain. Explore our best rain gear for work for product recommendations.

Waterproof footwear is crucial to help you stay comfortable and maintain your footing in slick conditions. For maximum protection, make sure your pants are long enough to cover the upper part of your boots when you’re moving or sitting.

Stay away from cotton, as it retains water and takes time to dry. The Majestic 75-1307 Hi Vis Rain Jacket is made with 100% polyester PU coated Oxford fabric that’s perfect for construction, warehouse and roadway applications.

Our Majestic 71-2040 Hi Vis 2-Piece Waterproof Rain Suit with Hood and West Chester Hi Vis Black Bottom Waterproof Rain Suit – ANSI 3 are both great rain suit options for those who need the added protection.

Just need a bib? We recommend our Radians RB20-NSKV Durarad™42 Acid Gear Waterproof Rain Bibs or Occunomix LUX-TBIB/FR Premium FR Hi Vis Waterproof Rain Bib Pants options.

3. Bring a Spare Set of Clothes

It’s a good idea to keep a spare set of clothes nearby, just in case. Store them in an airtight bag or waterproof backpack to ensure they stay dry. This way, you can keep your body dry and comfortable on the job, with a change of dry clothes if needed.

4. Use Rain Accessories

Consider keeping rain accessories handy to help prevent or deal with a wet environment. Microfiber towels are a great option for drying off quickly. You can even use them to wring out your socks and help them dry faster.

If your shoes get wet, put some newspaper inside and around the shoes to absorb moisture without ruining your shoes. For leaky boots, you can use tile caulk to seal the openings.

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PalmFlex has a variety of waterproof gloves and workwear to help you stay dry in wet weather. We offer free shipping over $80 in the continental U.S. and volume discounts on our expansive inventory of products. Browse our full waterproof workwear collection.

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