Top 10 Best Waterproof Work Gloves

Top 10 Best Waterproof Work Gloves | Buyer's Guide

Working in the rain and other wet conditions can be a pain. Slippery, clammy hands are uncomfortable and can decrease performance and productivity. They even run the risk of accidents and injuries. For construction, fishing, road work, and any other job exposed to water, the right waterproof work gloves can make the difference between a bad work day and a good work day.

To address this problem, PalmFlex has assembled a large collection of waterproof gloves for every application. Read on to learn which ones we consider the best waterproof work gloves to keep your hands dry all day long.

Showa Atlas Waterproof Work Gloves

Showa Atlas is a leading manufacturer of waterproof work gloves, specializing in materials that also provide chemical resistance. These are ideal for fishermen, fuel transporters, maintenance workers, and other workers in contact with chemicals in addition to water. Here are the top Showa Atlas waterproof work glove styles:

Standard Weather:

Showa Atlas Waterproof Work Gloves

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660 Vinylove Gloves are coated in an oil resistant outer PVC layer with a seamless inner liner for optimal comfort. These gloves are so popular, they were even featured on The Deadliest Catch on The Discovery Channel.

772 Nitrile Long Sleeve Gloves offer full-arm protection from your fingertips to your shoulder, perfect for greasy cleanup jobs. The elastic band and grommet secure the sleeve in place on your arm.

720 Nitrile Gloves feature dipped nitrile over a seamless cotton liner. The rough textured finish of these gloves ensures superior grip and provides additional abrasion resistance and longevity.

Cold Weather:

Showa Atlas Waterproof Work Gloves

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460 Vinylove Gloves are designed with a warm, acrylic liner to provide waterproof hand protection in frigid temperatures. They’re the ideal cold-weather glove for fishing, agriculture, refrigeration and outdoor maintenance work.

282 TemRes Gloves offer an innovative, liquid-proof design that keeps hands warm and dry while still ensuring comfort and flexibility. They are commonly used in construction, assembly, cold storage, fishing, forestry, and snow removal.

620 Vinylove Gloves are double-dipped, fully-coated medium-weight PVC gloves. The glove lining flexes as the hand and outer glove move to reduce hand fatigue from working in cold-weather environments. The rough textured coating of these gloves provides a superior grip and maximizes the abrasion resistance.

Majestic Waterproof Work Gloves

Majestic Waterproof Work Gloves

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Majestic is another top manufacturer of waterproof work gloves, specializing in leather and synthetic leather materials for tough, rigorous cold weather work. Their top styles include:

2152TW Bald Eagle Thinsulate Lined Gloves are designed to withstand the elements with an A-grade pigskin palm and waterproof bladder. The velcro closure attaches securely around the wrist for reliable protection from debris. The interior is lined with 40 gram Thinsulate material for added warmth.

2145 Hi Vis Armor Skin Gloves are constructed from the toughest synthetic glove material on the market to offer more resistance to wear and abrasion than leather alternatives. They are hi vis for increased visibility and popular for construction and road work.

Chilly Grip Waterproof Work Gloves

Chilly Grip Waterproof Work Gloves

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Chilly Grip is our third and final most recommended waterproof glove brand. Their gloves are palm coated for increased grip and abrasion resistance, ideal for cold weather general purpose work. Their top styles include:

A320 Gloves are designed with a heavyweight thermal knit liner for added warmth, as well as a water resistant outer knit shell that wicks away moisture. They are ideal for a variety of outdoor applications.

A324 Heavy Weight Thermal Gloves feature a double layer insulated knit liner for extra warmth, as well as a patent-pending waterproof coating with second nitrile over-dip for outstanding grip. They are hi vis for increased visibility.

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We can’t control the weather, but we can control how we manage it. Waterproof gloves and rainwear are the best way to keep employees comfortable, productive, and safe. You can browse our full waterproof workwear collection and enjoy huge volume discounts when you order in bulk. Alternatively, you can submit a custom bulk quote request to save even more. All orders over $80 ship free within the continental U.S.

Have questions about our best waterproof work gloves? Reach out to our team of experts to learn more. For further reading, check out our 4 Tips for Staying Dry in the Rain.