Best Impact Work Gloves

In a high-impact work environment, such as in the construction, mining, and oil & gas industries, impact gloves can provide your workers with maximum protection while performing demanding tasks like operating heavy machinery and power tools. Among workplace injuries, accidents involving hands are some of the most common, so choosing the most effective type of glove for employees in your field is crucial to ensuring worker safety and minimizing costs.

Knowing what you need when shopping for impact hand protection is imperative so you can find products that will keep your employees productive and safe. At PalmFlex, we’re passionate about safety, so we’re always here to help point you in the right direction.

Impact Work Gloves

To be considered impact work gloves, the product should be designed with shock absorption technology and protection against crush damage. At PalmFlex, we offer several impact work glove options, including the following:

1. Majestic 21242 Knucklehead Hi Vis Gloves

Majestic 21242 Knucklehead Hi Vis Gloves

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For a glove that combines intense hand protection with trusted quality, consider our Majestic 21242 Knucklehead Hi Vis Gloves. These impact work gloves offer:

  • Synthetic leather palm constructed from tough ARMOR SKIN™ material
  • Anti-slip PVC material patches for improved grip
  • Double wish bone palm with added neoprene padding for improved absorption of impact
  • Shock absorbing thermoplastic rubber on full fingers and backhand areas
  • Hi vis coloring for increased visibility

2. Ironclad Kong SDX2 Original Gloves

Ironclad Kong SDX2 Original Gloves

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The Ironclad Kong SDX2 Original Gloves are designed to reduce the three most common hand injuries: With these gloves, your workers won’t have to worry about pinched fingers, hairline fractures or bruising blows. This product provides:

  • Enhanced grip
  • Flexible design
  • Oil resistant palm
  • Finger and full hand impact protection
  • Padding along the knuckles to reduce bruises and bumps

3. Ironclad Industrial Impact Rigger Gloves

Ironclad Industrial Impact Rigger Gloves

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To minimize hand fatigue among workers using power tools, try Ironclad Industrial Impact Rigger Gloves. Because foam padding tends to deteriorate and compress quickly, these gloves use a patented DURACLAD material on the palm to increase durability and absorb impact and vibrations. These gloves deliver:

  • Impact protection on fingers, thumbs, knuckles and metacarpal bones for maximum coverage and performance
  • Airprene cuff is snug and secure, yet comfortable, breathable and easy to remove
  • Reflective fabric in hi vis color for improved visibility at night

4. Boss 1JM500 Hi-Vis Impact Gloves With Reinforced Palms

Boss 1JM500 Hi-Vis Impact Gloves with Reinforced Palms

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For maximum strength combined with a breathable spandex material, try Boss 1JM500 Hi-Vis  Impact Gloves With Reinforced Palms. Along with extra durable palms, these gloves offer:

  • Padded, hi-vis back with reflective knuckle
  • Molded knuckle impact protection
  • Hook & loop wrist closure for a custom fit

These gloves are also available with PVC dotted palms, with thinsulate lining, or without reinforced palms. No matter what style you choose, with impact protection gloves, you can rest assured that your workers will stay safe.

Industries Requiring Impact Protection Gloves

In demanding industries such as mining and oil & gas, it takes heavy equipment to get things done. With metal moving around under power, employees have to be extremely careful where they put their hands. Unfortunately, accidents can and do still happen, but with impact protection gloves, there is a much better chance to minimize negative outcomes.

Whether you’re a construction worker trying to avoid busted knuckles or an aerospace expert assembling massive machines, impact hand protection can give you the confidence and peace of mind to keep performing at your best.

Explore Our Large Selection of Impact Gloves

Your employees’ hands are the tools that build your company. Keep them safe with high-quality impact hand protection from PalmFlex. We have a variety of well-made, cost-effective impact gloves available, so you’re sure to find an option that fits the unique demands of your industry.

Feel free to contact us online to discuss your need for impact work gloves with one of our experts. We offer free shipping over $80, so order today and take care of your most valuable resource. Have a large order? Request a custom bulk order quote.