Best Cold Weather Workwear in 2023

Workers need cold weather workwear to stay productive and comfortable during the winter months. The same goes for people who work in cold conditions any time of the year. In addition to normal workplace hazards, your team may be exposed to dangers such as low visibility, cold stress and even hypothermia in low-temperature conditions. If they work outdoors, it’s up to you to choose winter workwear that will keep them safe and your business thriving.

Cold Weather Essentials

While the cold weather workwear you choose for your team will vary based on application, we consider jackets, pants, rainwear, and accessories to be cold-weather essentials to ensure safety in any outdoor work environment. Look for warm, waterproof, breathable materials, reflective surfaces and bright colors for high visibility in dark and foggy conditions, and features that trap heat like elastic wrist cuffs and special cold weather materials. You can continue learning how to dress for cold weather work for more tips, or read on for our winter workwear recommendations.

Our Top Picks for Working in Cold Conditions

At PalmFlex, we offer a wide range of cold weather workwear to keep workers safe and focused on the job at hand. To help you choose the best gear for your team, we’ve listed our top picks for cold weather work apparel by category below.

Cold Weather Jackets

Good cold weather jackets trap heat around the upper body and withstand regular wear in challenging conditions. PalmFlex offers a variety of bomber jackets, heated jackets, and cold weather hoodies to protect workers for any cold weather job.

For outdoor work in construction and other industries, we recommend:

  • Majestic 75-1381 Hi Vis 8 in 1 Bomber Jacket:
    Cold Weather Workwear

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    This top-of-the-line bomber jacket is designed with a removable vest, liner, and hood so you can optimize for changing weather conditions over the course of the day. With 8 different possible combinations, you’re guaranteed to stay comfortable.

  • Majestic 75-1301 Hi Vis Bomber Jacket: If a removable vest is not a priority, you may want to opt for the 75-1301 hi vis bomber jacket. Like the one above, it is equipped with a removable liner and hood but at a more economical price.
  • Majestic 100% Polyester Hi Vis Hoodie: If you prefer a hoodie style over a jacket, this is the winter workwear for you. It’s designed with black around the areas that get the most soiled as well as ribbed cuffs/waist to trap in heat. Note that unlike the bomber jackets, the hoodie is not waterproof, so you may want to consider complementing it with a rain jacket.

Cold Weather Pants

Like cold weather jackets, cold weather work pants need to trap heat and offer high visibility. They should also resist tearing and give the wearer a good range of movement. Majestic Hi Vis Rain Pants do just that. They are made of 100% PU coated polyester with an elastic waist to trap heat.


Warm apparel can only take you so far if you select a non-waterproof style and it rains, which is why proper rainwear is a necessary supplement to keep workers dry in addition to warm. If your staff is exposed to rain and other wet conditions, consider PalmFlex’s collection of rain jackets, suits, pants, and bibs. You can explore our list of the best rain gear for work for specific suggestions.

Cold Weather Accessories

Cold weather gloves, ear warmers, and heating accessories protect the extremities and round out a worker’s cold weather outfit. For specific suggestions, you can browse our list of the best cold weather work gloves. For ear warmers, hats, and other heating accessories, the choice is up to you what style best suits your needs.

Explore Our Selection of Cold Weather Safety Wear

Whatever industry you work in, you can find the cold weather safety wear you need from PalmFlex. We offer free shipping across the continental U.S. for orders over $80 and give you better deals when you order higher volumes, making it easy to get the cold weather gear you need for your entire team.

Browse our selection of cold weather workwear online or contact a product expert to learn more.