Best Cold Weather Work Gloves in 2022

Cold hands can be painful and unpleasant. Without the best cold weather work gloves, workers risk losing control of vehicles, power tools and other equipment — not to mention general discomfort.

To prevent injury and keep projects on schedule, anyone who works outside during the winter needs cold weather work gloves and safety wear. The same goes for people who work in cold conditions year-round. If your company operates in construction, plumbing, freezer, driving, or another industry where the temperatures can dip low, make sure your workers have the best cold weather gloves on the market with this buyer’s guide.

Our Picks for the Best Cold Weather Work Gloves

At PalmFlex, we offer a variety of work gloves from top brands to keep your team productive in chilly indoor and outdoor conditions. To help you stay protected for your applications, we’ve listed our top picks for cold weather work gloves below.

Best Winter Work Gloves for General Purpose Use

These gloves provide good protection for all kinds of tasks in cold conditions. Whatever industry you work in, you can count on these high-performers from PalmFlex to get the job done:

Showa Atlas Therma Fit 451 Gloves

Buy Atlas Therma Fit Gloves

Showa Atlas Therma Fit GlovesThese bestsellers pair a polyester/cotton liner with a tough rubber coating to keep hands warm while providing grip and protecting against moisture. Also available in a convenient 4-pair-pack.

Majestic Polar Penguin Gloves: Ideal for winter or freezer wear, these gloves feature excellent grip and wear resistance. They come in black, hi vis yellow and hi vis orange.

Majestic Golden Eagle Insulated Gloves: These premium leather gloves are designed with heat lock protection and a seamless A grade gold deerskin palm for top performance and durability.

Chilly Grip Original Heavy Duty Gloves: Chilly Grip Original heavy-duty gloves provide warmth and high tactility in cold conditions. They’re ideal for construction, gardening and other cold weather work.

Bellingham Wonder Grip Insulated Gloves: These latex-coated gloves are waterproof and provide excellent grip. They’re flexible, comfortable, and provide insulation for cold weather. Available in a convenient 4-pair-pack or by the dozen.

Best Winter Construction Gloves

For cold weather work in the construction industry, consider choosing Majestic 3396 Polar Penguin Gloves. These gloves keep hands warm without limiting movement and feature ANSI Level A2 cut resistance. Available in hi vis yellow or orange to increase visibility, as well as black.

Best Cold Weather Work Gloves for Freezer

We recommend Showa Atlas 282 TemRes Gloves for work in the freezer industry. Workers with these gloves will enjoy comfort and flexibility in cold and wet environments, due to their breathable polyurethane coating and shape that fits the hand.

Best Cold Weather Gloves for Plumbing

Showa Atlas 460 Vinylove Gloves make the ideal choice for the plumbing industry. A fully waterproof shell keeps these gloves dry while allowing workers to firmly grip pipes and other slippery components.

Best Winter Drivers Gloves

Majestic 1665 Winter Deerskin Drivers Gloves are a bestseller in the drivers industry. They are made of deerskin leather and feature a fleece back and Heatlok™ lining. This makes these gloves naturally soft and supple while also providing insulation.

What Makes a Great Cold Weather Glove?

The best winter work gloves will keep hands toasty so workers can focus on the task at hand. At the same time, they need to perform like normal work gloves. Look for these general qualities when choosing gloves for your team:

  • Majestic Polar Penguin Gloves

    Buy Majestic Polar Penguin Gloves

    Warmth: The primary goal of a cold weather glove is to keep the hands warm, so you should look for gloves with a warm lining and breathable material. A velcro wrist closure can also help trap heat.

  • Grip: Workers need to be able to grip things firmly in snowy, icy and damp conditions. Textured rubber or nitrile on the palms can provide the grip you need.
  • Dexterity: Cold weather work gloves should give workers a normal range of movement. Make sure the style allows the wearer to use the necessary tools for their job easily.
  • Durability: Like other work gloves, cold weather gloves must stand up to wear and tear on the job site. Look for gloves that offer high puncture and abrasion resistance.

Explore Our Large Selection of Cold Weather Gloves

Get the best cold weather work gloves your team needs from PalmFlex. We offer free shipping on orders over $80 and offer special low prices when you buy in higher volumes. Browse our selection of cold weather gloves online or contact a product expert to learn more about choosing the best winter work gloves for your business.