Best Chemical Resistant Safety Wear

Best Chemical Resistant Safety Wear

In many industries, chemical resistant work gloves and safety wear are crucial to providing a safe work environment for employees. Whether you need to maintain the stringent hygiene requirements of the medical field or prevent exposure to asbestos during a demolition job, you must provide your crew with the right personal protective equipment (PPE).

Knowing what to look for when shopping for chemical resistant work gloves and safety wear can help you choose the products that are best for your workers, ensuring they stay protected and productive.

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Best Cold Weather Workwear

Cold Weather Workwear
Workers need cold weather workwear to stay productive and comfortable during the winter months. The same goes for people who work in cold conditions any time of the year.

In addition to normal workplace hazards, your team is exposed to dangers such as low visibility, cold stress and even hypothermia in low-temperature conditions. Whether you work in landscaping, freezer, mechanics, construction or another industry, it’s up to you to choose cold weather workwear that will keep them safe and your business thriving.

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Best Cold Weather Work Gloves

Cold Weather Work Gloves
Cold hands can be painful and unpleasant. Without cold weather work gloves, workers risk losing control of vehicles, power tools and other equipment — not to mention general discomfort.

To prevent injury and keep projects on schedule, anyone who works outside during the winter needs cold weather work gloves and safety wear. The same goes for people who work in cold conditions year-round. If your company works in construction, mechanics, plumbing, freezer or another industry where the temperatures can dip low, make sure your workers have the gear they need.
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Benefits of Disposable Lab Coats vs. Reusable

Disposable vs. Reusable Lab Coats
A lab coat is a necessary safety resource used throughout a spectrum of industries. From medical and dental facilities to agriculture, laboratory and food processing contexts, a lab coat provides your employees with the coverage they need to work safely and productively. Unfortunately, not all lab coats can meet your needs. Although there are a few applications in which reusable lab coats provide some advantages, many of our customers prefer disposable lab coats because they provide a range of benefits that suit a wide variety of needs.
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Best Cut-Resistant Work Gloves

Best Cut Resistant Work Gloves

Cut-resistant gloves are a kind of personal protective equipment designed to protect hands from lacerations and cuts that can occur from contact with cutting machines, tools, equipment or sharp items like blades, knives, glass, ceramics or metals. These gloves feature certain composite materials as well as fiberglass, stainless steel mesh and synthetic yarns, which work together to offer superior hand protection.

Considering the number of hand injuries that occur every year in this country, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting over 143,000 incidents in 2015, it is imperative to wear the best cut-resistant gloves when working around hazards. However, choosing the right glove for your workers is not easy — some products are higher-quality than others, and many were designed to suit specific activities and work environments. Read our buying guide to learn about the best work gloves on the market so you can figure out which products are safest for your workers. Continue reading

Best Waterproof Shoe Covers

Best Waterproof Shoe Covers

Waterproof shoe covers are a vital necessity in a myriad of industries. These resources protect the condition of shoes and clothing and also prevent potentially harmful substances from making contact with your employees’ skin. PalmFlex carries the best waterproof shoe covers in the industry. We’ve created this buyer’s guide to help you determine which product is best suited for your specific applications. We’ll discuss the best waterproof shoe cover vendors and highlight a few of our top picks.
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Best Splash Resistant Work Coveralls

Best Splash Resistant Coveralls

Sometimes getting down to business means getting dirty. If your employees thrive in an industry that exposes them to dust, grime, chemicals and other potentially hazardous substances, you know the value of a good set of coveralls. Unfortunately, not all coveralls are built to withstand the heavy demands of some applications. To ensure that you provide your employees with the best tools for the job, you need to choose high-quality splash resistant products from reliable manufacturers.

Which splash resistant coveralls are best for your business? The answer depends on the unique demands of your industry and the level of protection your employees require. PalmFlex understands that different businesses require diverse needs, which is why we carry a wide range of the top splash resistant coveralls from the finest manufacturers in the world.

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How to Choose the Right Disposable Glove Material

Choosing the Right Disposable Glove Material

If your work involves hands-on contact with bacteria, chemicals or other substances, you know that choosing the proper disposable gloves for your team involves more than simply finding the right size. The glove should be able to meet or exceed the needs of your industry and keep your team safe, comfortable and unobstructed as they perform their duties. As you shop for these resources, you’ll need to consider a variety of factors that relate to your specific needs.

Thankfully, choosing the right disposable gloves for your business doesn’t need to be a stressful decision. PalmFlex specializes in helping companies select disposable gloves that are perfect for their unique demands. We’re here to provide you with the information to responsibly identify the disposable glove material that will appropriately meet your needs. Our large inventory features a variety of products designed by industry leaders. Whether you’re looking for medical-grade or cost-effective solutions, trust PalmFlex to help you find the perfect fit. Continue reading