Which ANSI Cut Level Glove is Right for You

There are hundreds of cut resistant gloves on the market designed to protect your hands from painful cuts and lacerations. In order to determine the right glove for you, it’s important to consider material, size, and other features like high visibility and extra grip. Perhaps the most important factor, however, is choosing the right ANSI cut level.

Starting at level A1 and going up to A9, ANSI levels determine how much cutting load a glove can withstand from a blade before the material is penetrated. Different applications require different cut resistance levels, and lining these up will help you find the right balance of protection and flexibility as well as keep you on budget. See below for a breakdown of ANSI cut levels as well as a convenient cut level gloves chart.

ANSI Cut Level A1-A2:

ANSI Cut Level 1-2 Gloves

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  • Cut Level A1 Gloves withstand 200-500 grams of cutting load
  • Cut Level A2 Gloves withstand 500 to 1000 grams of cutting load

These gloves are designed for applications where the risk of cuts is low and, if a cut did occur, potential injuries would be minor if a cut did occur. Examples include warehouse work, general purpose work, and small parts assembly. For these low-risk applications, dexterity and comfort may be a higher priority. The Majestic 3396 Polar Penguin and its summer equivalent are popular Cut Level A2 gloves at PalmFlex.

ANSI Cut Level A3-A5:

ANSI Cut Level 3-5 Gloves

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  • Cut Level A3 Gloves withstand 1000 to 1500 grams of cutting load
  • Cut Level A4 Gloves withstand 1500 to 2200 grams of cutting load
  • Cut Level A5 Gloves withstand 2200 to 3000 grams of cutting load

These gloves are designed for medium-risk applications where workers may sustain moderate injuries in the event the glove material was penetrated. Examples include construction, glass handling, and general manufacturing. In these fields, an equal balance between cut resistance and flexibility will be most optimal. Dyneema gloves like the Majestic 3437 are popular mid-range cut level gloves to consider.

ANSI Cut Level A6-A9: 

ANSI Cut Level 6-9 Gloves

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  • Cut Level A6 Gloves withstand 3000 to 4000 grams of cutting load
  • Cut Level A7 Gloves withstand 4000 to 5000 grams of cutting load
  • Cut Level A8 Gloves withstand 6000 to 6000 grams of cutting load
  • Cut Level A9 Gloves withstand over 6000 grams of cutting load

With the highest cut resistant levels available, these gloves are designed for the most dangerous applications where injuries would be most severe. They include heavy metal fabrication, glass manufacturing, and blade handling. Here, cut resistance should be the #1 priority. Majestic Alycore Gloves provide these top tier cut resistance levels.

Cut Level Gloves Chart:

Cut Level Gloves Chart

Please refer to the cut level gloves chart above as a general guide. We also encourage companies to perform their own field testing to determine the right cut level glove for them. If you are on the fence between two options, we recommend erring on the side of caution and opting for the higher cut level. Safety always comes first.

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