How To Disinfect Gloves Using Hand Sanitizer & More

Using Hand Sanitizer on Gloves | How to Disinfect Gloves

Gloves, like any other surface, can collect germs that become hazardous if they enter the respiratory system. In most cases, touching your face, food, or other vulnerable areas with contaminated gloves is just as risky as doing so with contaminated hands. This begs the question: Can you sanitize gloves? Fortunately, there are several effective solutions to kill germs, including using hand sanitizer on gloves. Your options vary depending on whether you are using disposable or non-disposable styles. Read on to learn how to disinfect gloves in each scenario.

Sanitizing Work Gloves

Antimicrobial Gloves

Antimicrobial Gloves

Some work gloves, such as several of our popular Showa Atlas styles, can be cleaned in a washer/dryer without causing damage to the glove. Look for “machine washable” in the product description to make sure this method is safe.

Other work gloves are treated with sanitizing and antimicrobial substances that permanently reduce the colonization of microorganisms on the gloves. In effect, these gloves sanitize themselves and require minimal upkeep. You can find our antimicrobial glove recommendations here.

For all other instances, using hand sanitizer on gloves will be your most effective solution. See below for guidance.

Sanitizing Disposable Gloves

Bulk Hand SanitizerDisposable gloves are, by definition, designed for single use before being discarded. They are not built to withstand the wear and tear that comes from re-use, which is why once disposable gloves come off, they should stay off.

That said, there may be special circumstances where sanitizing the gloves you’re wearing is more practical than replacing them altogether. In these instances, using hand sanitizer on gloves is doable even for disposable styles.

Note that according to one study, the effectiveness of sanitizer on medical gloves began to decrease after 9-10 cleanings, so be mindful of that limitation.

Using Hand Sanitizer on Gloves

It is important to understand how to disinfect gloves properly, if you opt to use hand sanitizer. Make sure you use enough sanitizer to cover the entire surface of your gloves and that you spend adequate time rubbing it in. Gloves are resilient to the ethyl alcohol found in hand sanitizer and therefore will not degrade when disinfected, so don’t be shy. The goal is to ensure all microorganisms on the surface are killed. The alcohol will evaporate after it has done its job, leaving you with dry and functional gloves.

Keep Your Workplace Safe with PPE from PalmFlex

Can you sanitize gloves? The answer is yes, and in some circumstances, you absolutely should. If your gloves come into contact with potentially contaminated surfaces, you should strongly consider sanitizing them, especially before touching your face or eating. Of course, you can minimize contaminated surroundings by keeping your workplace sanitary as a preventative measure.

PalmFlex recognizes the importance of workplace safety, and that’s why we provide a large selection of disposable and reusable PPE designed to protect workers and improve sanitation.  To keep your costs down, we offer free shipping over $80 in the continental U.S as well as volume discounts on large orders. For more information about our products or how to disinfect gloves, you can contact one of our experts. You can also explore our blog for more safety tips.