Antimicrobial Gloves – Alternatives to Disposables

Bacteria-Fighting Antimicrobial Gloves

Antimicrobial Gloves – Alternatives to Disposables

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, there is a national shortage of disposable PPE. It is therefore necessary to find new protective solutions to work safely. Fortunately, one of our most popular brands, Majestic, has designed protective antimicrobial gloves for such an occasion.

Majestic’s collection of antimicrobial gloves are treated with sanitizing and antimicrobial substances, which minimize the colonization of bacteria and other living organisms on your hands. In fact, a variety of industries use these one-of-a-kind gloves specifically for their disinfection capabilities.

Improve The Safety Of Workers

During an infectious outbreak, this treatment can substantially improve worker safety due to its preservation of glove and hand hygiene. Namely, it reduces or even eliminates altogether the presence of microbes that spread infectious pathogens between hosts. This includes bacteria, mold, mildew, algae, and dust mites.

This feature is critical because viruses need a living host like bacteria to multiply and reproduce. By reducing the amount of living organisms on the gloves, the chance of the virus spreading also largely reduces.

Additionally, minimizing bacteria on the hands protects the immune system. If the body comes into contact with other viruses and microorganisms, the immune system is free to effectively defend itself.

Here are some of our top antimicrobial treated gloves to take advantage of the safety benefits above:

Available Products On PalmFlex

Majestic 3228 SuperDex Gloves
These palm coated gloves deliver exceptional hand protection for applications that require a secure grasp of tools and objects. These include construction, assembly, material handling, and more. The 3228 SuperDex Gloves are also available in Hi Vis and Hi Vis cold weather.

Majestic 51-290 OXXA Micro Foam Gloves
These palm coated gloves are designed with super light and breathable nitrile foam coating, offering a high degree of finger-tip sensitivity and flexibility. They are also available with dotted palms for extra grip.

Majestic 37-3435 Dyneema White Gloves
These ANSI cut level 4 gloves have the lightweight feel and cut protection of Kevlar with ten times greater abrasion resistance, offering the ultimate combination of durability and dexterity.

Majestic 35-3365 Cut-Less Watchdog Gloves
These ANSI cut level 3 gloves use KorPlex® technology that blends some of the strongest fibers together to produce superior cut resistance. Its properties offer tactility and flexibility while maintaining exceptional cut resistance and comfort. They are also available with dotted palms for extra grip.

Majestic 37-1300 Dyneema Cut-Less Diamond Gloves
These ANSI cut level 2 gloves feature an ultra-lightweight 18 gauge grey shell made with Dyneema Diamond Technology. They offer a great combination of cut protection, comfort, and durability.

Majestic 3368 SuperDex Hydropellent Gloves
These PVC coated gloves are designed with hydropellent material on the palm. This repels water and maintains excellent grip and tactility, ideal for construction, mechanics, and general work. They are also available in Hi Vis.

Explore Our Full Selection of Antimicrobial Treated Gloves 

During these challenging times, we are working hard to keep our customers supplied with protective safety wear. We want them to continue doing what they do best: keep this country working. While we continue to replenish our supply of disposable gloves, these reusable antimicrobial gloves from Majestic are a great alternative. Using the guide above, you can find the right style that suits your needs and easily order these bacteria-fighting work gloves online today. 

Buy in bulk to take advantage of our huge volume discounts. We also offer free shipping on orders over $80 storewide within the continental United States. Have questions? Feel free to contact us online to discuss your protective glove needs with one of our experts.