Plastic Shoe Covers

Whether you are ordering shoe covers for a large industrial plant or to protect your own shoes while you paint your bedroom, it can be overwhelming to decide on what kind of shoe cover material is the right one for you. It probably doesn’t help any that they come in a bewildering variety of material.
Industrial shoe covers come in co-polymer, polypropylene and Tyvek, all various types of man made materials that help keep shoes and boots clean and free of contaminants. The best way to choose what kind of material you want a shoe cover to be, is to decide what you want them to do for you. Here are a few ideas on how to decide which type of shoe cover works best for your situation.
Waterproof Plastic Shoe Covers
Probably the first really important question is whether you need your plastic shoe covers to be waterproof or not. For areas where water is not a big question, this can then make it easier to simply get those plastic shoe covers that take care of dust and dirt, but aren’t waterproof. Many of the waterproof plastic shoe booties sit higher on the shoe and some even tie up. When considering which type of shoe cover you need, be sure to consider these options.
If you are looking at waterproof shoe covers, then do they need to be skid-proof? High traction waterproof reusable plastic shoe covers sounds a bit overwhelming, but in a dangerous area with constant hazards, they could be just the ticket. If you are buying for a whole crew, maybe some just need ordinary copolymer plastic shoe covers that are disposable for guests and the rest get the reusable ones. Just how wet is it in there?
When Polypropylene Shoe Covers Make Sense
If you need to protect shoes cheaply from dust and dirt, you just can’t beat basic polypropylene shoe covers. These are the ones you see everywhere in packs of several hundred that you use once and then toss. I know several real estate agents who always have a bunch in their glove compartment of their car in case a client decides to see an open house unexpectedly. These are also usually what you will see in places like home improvement crews (great for messy things like tile setting when you buy the non-skid bottoms) or car repair shops.
These are not great for wet environments, they are not waterproof. But if the area is messy and dirty, a pair of polypropylene shoe covers will really do the trick. If you are dealing with a crew of workers they are also a great choice because you can buy them cheaply in bulk. Work on a farm or ranch? Keep these guys handy for those really dirty chores so you don’t track that muck back to the house. Gardeners may want to keep these polypropylene shoe covers handy for the same reason.
Disposable versus Reusable Shoe Covers
Cost can be a big factor when it comes to choosing the kind of plastic shoe covers you need. But if you consider how a shoe cover is being used, sometimes it makes more sense to get the reusable plastic shoe covers. For an environment where they need to be worn all day, such as in construction, reusable shoe covers might be more cost effective.
But if you expect a wide variety of people to visit your location, such as would be the case with a homeowner going through various upgrades, disposables work fine. Just get your vendors to zip these disposable show covers on and you won’t have to worry about anyone tracking dirt or mess through your home during the entire upgrade.
As you can see, there are plenty of options for disposable shoe covers. Everything from plastic shoe covers to polypropylene shoe covers and more can be used in a wide variety of situations. Picking the right type of disposable shoe cover can make a job both easier to do and leave the environment cleaner when you are done. They are a handy tool for just about any messy job you can name.

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