Nitrile Industrial Gloves Many Uses

Nitrile industrial gloves have become a staple in many environments, replacing other synthetic rubber gloves. But why would this particular glove be a more effective product, when so many others are available? The reasons generally have to do with nitrile gloves special properties: resistance to punctures and hydrocarbons along with their stable inert nature.
Nitrile Industrial Gloves in the Cleanroom
Today’s technology requires antiseptic environments when developing electronics or nanotechnology and working with semiconductors. Called cleanrooms, these environments require the ability to control static electricity. Electrical charges, if they were to be discharged near or on these devices could damage or even destroy them. Thus control of static electricity through the use of static dissipative material such as nitrile industrial gloves becomes critical. Because natural rubber will inherently insulate static and latex gloves are prone to contamination, nitrile is the best choice for a cleanroom environment.
Keep Clean in the Automotive Industry
A new area where nitrile industrial gloves are becoming more popular is the automotive repair shop. Yesterday’s picture of a mechanic with grease under his nails is fast being replaced by a clean well-organized shop filled with computerized diagnostic technology. Greasy mechanic bays are viewed as unreliable.
Latex is a problem in this environment, because it will dissolve from prolonged exposure to grease and other petrochemicals. Nitrile industrial gloves are formulated to withstand most chemicals present in automobiles as well as the high temperatures that many mechanics are exposed to on a daily basis.
Cleaning Up in Janitorial and Hair Salons
Two service areas that have seen an increased use of nitrile industrial gloves are janitorial services and hair salons. The reasons are obvious, increased safety for the wearer. The puncture resistance of nitrile gloves makes them a smart and safe option for janitorial services where sharp objects from questionable sources can put workers at risk.
In the hair salon, the variety of chemical solutions has made the stable material of nitrile gloves the go-to solution for any size salon. From color specialists to the shampoo girl, every aspect of hair salon work needs protection for busy hands. Nitrile gloves provide them without concerns about interactions between chemicals and the glove material.
As you can see, when it comes to nitrile industrial gloves, they have become the perfect answer to the need for protection from volatile liquids or absolute control in the lab. Whether you need protection in a medical lab, auto repair shop, or hair salon, nitrile industrial gloves are fast becoming the ideal solution.

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