Nitrile Gloves Vs Latex Gloves

Nitrile Gloves Vs Latex Gloves
Nitrile gloves have in many industries replaced latex gloves. Although latex gloves have been around longer as a substitute for rubber gloves, there are many reasons nitrile gloves have become the top choice for a given situation. The distinct properties of each have created specific areas where either latex or nitrile gloves make the most sense.
Nitrile Gloves and Latex Gloves in the Lab
Although latex gloves began as the glove of choice in medical labs, nitrile powder free gloves have proven to be a smarter choice for the modern lab environment. With nitrile gloves 30% superiority when it comes to resisting punctures, they have shown themselves to be a safer choice over all for many types of lab work, particularly blood work. In addition, in any lab where absolutely clean conditions are a must to avoid contamination, nitrile powder free gloves are simply a more practical choice over latex gloves with their trademark while powder residue.
Emerging in the Medical World
Although latex remain top dog in the operating room, in medical labs and exam rooms as well as emergency centers around the world nitrile powder free gloves are often preferred as a first line of defense. With three times the puncture resistance they are more effective against the spread of disease and infection. In addition, nitrile powder free gloves are non-allergenic because they do not contain the proteins that cause most latex allergies. This makes them a favorite amongst staff.
Changes in the Auto Repair Bay
One of the areas where nitrile gloves are growing in popularity is the repair bay in a mechanics shop. While it was once common for a mechanic to be covered in grease from head to foot, these days the proliferation of computerized technology for diagnosing automobiles requires a clean shop and an even cleaner mechanic.
Latex gloves, with their propensity for melting in reaction to many petrochemicals, are completely ineffective in this environment. However, not only are nitrile gloves impervious to the destructive capabilities of petrochemicals, they have another great advantage. In the final cleaning process, especially for paint jobs, latex gloves would leave a messy powdery signature on the surface. The nitrile powder free gloves are the perfect solution for any part of the process in a modern auto repair bay.
As you can see, whether it is in the medical lab, the doctor’s office or the mechanics bay, nitrile gloves have proven to be the best solution over latex gloves for today’s work environment.

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