TrueTip Gloves Story

  • DESCRIPTION: Gloves designed for touchscreen and mobile devices
  • ADVANTAGES: Easy, accurate and efficient functionality without removing gloves
  • BENEFITS: Hand safety, comfort and utility – true touchscreen!


• Darryl Abrahms, CEO of PalmFlex went backpacking in eastern Washington in early May 2012 .
• He took with him a pair of gloves to provide comfort, protection and better grip on his hiking poles.
• While hiking in the mountains, he listened to an audiobook on his iPod.



• Darryl Abrahms removed the glove from his hand and using the scissors on his Swiss army knife, he snipped the tip off the index finger area of a glove.
• This enabled him to operate his mobile device without taking off his gloves.

Mobile Banking on Smartphone - Generic

TrueiTip gloves have an open thumb because in many cases it enables a user to operate a device with one hand, and in all cases it increases usability and productivity.

Wilson, Tracy V., and Wesley Fenlon. “How the iPhone Works” 20 June 2007. <> 15 March 2013.
As you can see from the above image, a signal passes through many layers before reaching the device controller. With TrueiTip gloves the message from your brain to the device retains its integrity and the touchscreen performs its intended function without hassle.



Ideal for mobile devices
• Mobile and cordless phones
• Digital cameras
• GPS units
•T ouchscreen tablets
• MP3 players
• Great for hiking and outdoor recreation

Ideal for industrial applications
• Computer and laptop keyboard input
• Telephone key pad control
• Machine operation
• Driving
• Box handling
• Electronic equipment management


• When he wanted to repeat a section of audio for better comprehension, he found he could not operate the iPod while wearing his gloves.
• He had to remove a glove from his hand so that he could operate the scroll wheel on the iPod with his bare finger.
• This was inconvenient, time consuming and frustrating as it happened frequently, and he would have to stop walking to complete the operation.



• Darryl Abrahms realized that the open index fingertip design could be applied to many applications in order to provide comfort, protection and better grip while using mobile, touchscreen and keyboard input devices.
• After additional market research, he incorporated an open thumb at the Interphalangeal (IP) joint into the design to enhance usability and dexterity.”The thumb is the new power digit,” said Edward Tenner, a science historian for the Smithsonian Institution who has spent time thinking about the interaction between hand and machine. To be sure, Dr. Tenner notes that research shows the thumb does half the overall work of the hand. But its typing prowess has emerged only with text messaging and cellphone usage.

Read the full article in the New York Times


Two Words Why TrueiTip Gloves Are Absolutely the Best Touchscreen Gloves“True Touchscreen”It is a scientific fact that whenever a signal passes through a material (like a glove) and a touchscreen enabling medium, it is subject to degradation and distortion.“As the signal travels from a driver to a receiver, it passes through several interfaces between elements. There is signal degradation at every interface. “The Electrical Engineering Handbook, Third Edition Page 591 – Edited by Richard C Dorf
Because TrueTip gloves enable direct contact between your skin and the surface of the touchscreen device, it eliminates that degradation and distortion. This makes your fingertip more accurate and touchscreen devices easier to use.


Open index finger tips ensure accurate tap, swipe, and scroll wheel control.
• Open thumbs enable single-handed device operation and dual thumb texting.
• Open index finger tips and thumbs provide touchscreen pincer movements.
• Open index finger tips and thumbs provide better zipper and button manipulation.
• Calibrated fingertip design provides optimal protection, functionality and flexibility for hands and fingers.
• Open thumb joints improve articulation and dexterity.
• Advanced Nitrile formula bonds to nylon shell to prevent fraying on the edge

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