How to Choose the Right Gardening Gloves

Learn about the best gardening gloves for the job

The Best Gardening Gloves for the Job

Gardening season is here, which means you need to get equipped! High-quality gardening gloves are a must for safety, sanitation, comfort, and performance. But not all gloves are alike, and depending on your priorities and the task at hand, one style will be more suitable than another. Whether you’re a master gardener or just getting started, take advantage of this buyer’s guide so you can find the best gardening glove that’s right for you.

Working with shovels, rakes, and hoes

For handling heavier tools, we recommend a palm coated glove for extra grip like the Showa Atlas Fit 300. Not only is it our bestselling gardening glove, but it’s also our best selling glove period! For other styles, you can also check out our new Wonder Grip collection from Bellingham Glove.

Seeding, planting, and weeding

Precise tasks call for gloves with excellent tactility and dexterity. The Showa Atlas 370 Garden Gloves in Assorted Colors is a garden club favorite and comes in four attractive colors: purple, mango orange, pink, and green. They’re also available in black, white, and individual colors to suit your personal taste.


For tasks involving sharp materials like pruning, we recommend a strong nitrile gardening glove for extra protection from abrasions and punctures. Bellingham Glove has designed several with this in mind, including the Nitrile Tough GT and Nitrile Tough Max.

Spraying weed killer and other chemicals

Interaction with hazardous chemicals requires proper chemical resistant gloves to stay safe. Showa Atlas offers several bestsellers like the 660 Vinylove and 620 Vinylove, as well as the 772 Long Sleeve for full arm protection.


For those looking for the best eco-friendly gardening gloves, the Bellingham C3704 EcoMaster is made of water-based polymer polyurethane and the Bellingham C5371 Bamboo Gardener is made of sustainable bamboo rayon.

Warm Weather

On days when the sun is beating down, we suggest wearing moisture-wicking gloves for maximum comfort like the Bellingham C2603AP Cool and Bellingham C4400 CoolMax. We also carry a number of useful cooling accessories to supplement your gardening gloves. 

Cold Weather

On colder days when your garden needs tending, you can stay warm with our high-quality thermal-lined gardening gloves like the Showa Atlas Therma Fit 451 and Boss Frosty Grip. We also carry ear warmers and heating accessories for added cold weather protection.

Explore the Best Gardening Gloves Selection

Gardening is a joy for millions of Americans, and we want to make sure you have the best possible experience by providing a full garden glove selection that our customers love. Using the aforementioned guide, you can find the right style that suits your needs and easily order our high-quality gardening gloves online today. 

Buy in bulk to take advantage of our volume discounts or view our garden club special for huge savings. We offer free shipping on orders over $80 storewide within the continental United States. Have questions? Feel free to contact us online to discuss your gardening needs with one of our experts.