Disposable Shoe Covers Come in All Sizes

Do you need disposable shoe covers that could fit on a gorilla? Do you have dainty little feet that need shoe covers that won’t slide off your feet? For anyone outside of the average shoe size, finding the right size of booties can be difficult. But having the right size is just as important as the fact you have them. Because if they don’t fit, they don’t work right for you no matter what the situation and your shoe size.
Find the Right Size Disposable Shoe Covers
One thing to be aware of is that throwaway shoe covers are sized as if they are going to fit over an ordinary shoe. In many professions where you see these worn frequently, people will wear sneakers because they give good support when you are on your feet all the time. These kinds of shoes are perfect for grabbing your own shoe covers from the box and quickly popping them on.
But what happens if you wear boots? That is when it is a good idea to check out the next size up. Luckily most industrial booties don’t come in numerical sizes, but in the traditional Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and even XX-Large for those gorilla-sized feet we mentioned before. This makes it easy to find a size that works for your shoes no matter what you are wearing that day.
Shoe Covers in Industry
Of course, industrial booties can be worn for a wide variety of reasons, the most important one being to protect the users from dangerous fluids. In many industries this is of particular importance. When you stop and consider that protection is the primary use for most shoe covers or booties, it only makes sense that you want to be sure the ones you use are the right size and fit properly.
Shoe covers that are too large will not sit correctly and could trip you. Too small a fit can mean leaving you exposed. If you spend a fair amount of time in dangerous areas or any situation where these kinds of precautions are needed, be sure your shoe covers fit snugly and do the job right. Especially since many of these disposable shoe covers come with non-slip bottoms to give you better purchase on slippery floors, but only if they fit correctly.
Other Uses for Disposable Shoe Covers
Since not everyone who needs shoe covers works in dangerous industrial buildings, there are many other good reasons to use the right sized booties on your shoes. If you work in any kind of day care facility, sell real estate or even just for those messy jobs around the home these can be a handy way to keep the area clean. If using the right size to cover your shoe correctly, your disposable booties will easily help to contain any kind of situation.
So whether you are someone who needs simple booties to protect you from dangerous or toxic fluids in an industrial location or just want disposable shoe covers for that next open house, getting the right size counts. If you are a supplier for your center or office, making sure you have plenty of shoe covers in all four sizes will help to make sure everyone has the size they need.

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