Disposable Booties are Handy for Variety of Industries

While it is true that many of us think of the medical industry when someone mentions disposable shoe covers, there are plenty of other industries that depend on them to keep their workers safe, clean and in compliance. Everyone from your local realtor showing off their open house to the contractor replacing your plumbing uses disposable shoe covers for a wide variety of reasons. Here are just three industries: food preparation, heavy metals extraction and building construction that find using disposable shoe covers or booties to be a vital part of their work.
The Food Prep Industry Loves its Shoe Covers
As anyone will tell you who works in food preparation, keeping everything clean is a big part of the work. But food preparation is far more than that local barista at your favorite coffee shop. Just about anything you can name that is edible has probably been through the hands of a food preparation specialist at some point. Disposable shoe covers are part of worker safety and help to keep anyone involved in food preparation. From the person sorting lettuce at a commercial plant to the food prep person at your favorite restaurant, the right shoe covers are part of the solution to controlling cross contamination and improving health and safety.
Disposable Shoe Covers Make Hazardous Work Safer
While food prep workers may be wearing shoe covers in order to keep the consumer of the end product happy, it is the workers themselves that benefit from using them in hazardous industrial sites. Places like industrial labs with toxic materials use all kinds of protection for their workers, and that certainly includes disposable shoe covers. In fact, the biggest reason for wearing them is that they are disposable at the end of the work shift.
Dangerous chemicals, toxic metals and bio-hazards are all something you don’t want migrating out of the work environment at the end of that person’s shift. By using a disposable shoe cover that is simply tossed into the “hot box” at the end of the day, these kinds of materials are handled properly. The consequences of having dangerous materials getting into our water supplies are high enough that many localities legally require them.
For Dusty Work Nothing Beats Polypropylene Shoe Covers
While hazardous material work and food prep might seem the obvious choice for shoe covers, there are sometimes situations where using polypropylene shoe covers work even better. These are generally cloth with a special protective coating and are among the more comfortable shoe covers because of their ability to breathe. You will see polypropylene shoe covers in all kinds of places including automotive repair shops, cleaning crews and even on construction sites. Their soft surface and non-skid bottom make them perfect for that personal tour around a newly finished home.
Disposable Shoe Covers for Every Industry
As you can see, there are a multitude of uses for disposable shoe covers in as many industries as you can imagine. That may be because of their immense versatility. With today’s modern plastics to add safety and mass production that brings down the price to within everyone’s reach, disposable polypropylene shoe covers and all types of plastic shoe covers are gaining popularity.
The disposable nature of them makes them easy to manage and their ability to keep dust and dirt out of the work environment has made many industries that much easier to maintain. When it comes to short-term solutions to dirty or messy environments, you just can’t beat disposable shoe covers as a quick and easy answer.

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