Top 8 Best Waterproof Shoe Covers

Best Waterproof Shoe Covers For Rain

Waterproof shoe covers for rain and other wet conditions are a vital necessity in a myriad of industries. These resources protect floors and carpets from getting wet from shoes exposed to liquids. PalmFlex carries the top waterproof shoe covers in the industry. We’ve created this buyer’s guide to help you determine which product is best suited for your specific applications. We’ll discuss the best waterproof shoe covers brands and highlight ten of our top picks.

How to Find the Ultimate Waterproof Shoe Cover for Your Needs

Which Waterproof Disposable Shoe Covers are the best?

You need to be sure that the supplies you choose fit the needs of your employees. You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing waterproof shoe covers. To help you determine the best waterproof shoe cover for your company, we believe that you should look for products that display:

    1. Applications: Before you compare any waterproof shoe brands, you need to ensure the products are designed for your needs. The highest-quality materials from the leading manufacturers won’t provide you with any advantages if they are built for other applications.
    1. Durability: Once you find the waterproof shoe covers that are ideal for your industry, you need to examine their strength. Look into the materials used and note that water-resistant shoe covers and waterproof shoe covers are different products. While a waterproof shoe cover provides you with the optimum coverage, a water-resistant shoe cover likely won’t meet your needs.
    1. Reliability: Durable products are a necessity, but you also need reliability that extends far beyond the product’s specs. Purchasing waterproof shoe covers manufactured by trustworthy companies gives you peace of mind they can handle the unique demands of your work.

Once you understand how to identify reliable supply manufacturers, it’s time to examine each company to discover how they can accommodate your unique needs.

The Best Waterproof Shoe Cover Brands

At PalmFlex, we work with some of the best brands of safety wear in the industry. Every product PalmFlex sells was designed by people who know the demands of your job. From applications like pest control, agriculture and environmental cleanup to mold remediation, construction, and lead or asbestos abatement, we have an incredible waterproof shoe cover built for your exact needs. Here are the top waterproof shoe cover brands.

Safety Zone

As a leading manufacturer of personal protection products, Safety Zone customizes its products to meet the needs of numerous industries, including industrial and janitorial markets, medical environments, food processing and service applications. Its covers range from lightweight to heavyweight options that deliver added safety and full protection from liquid and particles in sensitive work areas.

Tian’s International

Tian’s International manufacturers all of its world-class products in its own ISO 9001 factory. For over 25 years, industries around the world have trusted Tian’s International’s cleaning and protective apparel solutions to meet their growing needs. The company’s SafeTrack shoe covers protect against splashes and spills as well as prevent slip-and-fall incidents in environments that present potential hazards to employees.


BlueMed manufactures some of the highest-quality disposable shoe covers on the market. It designs innovative new resources that enhance the shoe cover’s protection against cross-contamination. As experts in their field, BlueMed has become one of the best waterproof shoe cover companies for a diverse range of industries.

Pro Shoe Covers

The designers at Pro Shoe Covers know not every job occurs in an industrial environment. For professionals who need to enter clients’ homes and businesses without dirtying their floors, Pro Shoe Covers is one of the most trusted waterproof shoe cover brands. The premium nylon material used in every shoe cover exceeds OSHA’s recommended level by 175 percent to provide the coverage you require without leaving any trace behind.

West Chester

West Chester believes you should work hard and work safe, which is why its protective gear is designed for high performance in a number of industries. Its innovative products provide secure protection to 70 percent of the largest industrial distributors in the United States. You can trust its shoe covers for everything from general construction and cleaning to heavy-duty applications in the medical, food service, and oil and gas industries.

International Enviroguard

Safety, comfort and productivity — you find those traits in every piece of International Enviroguard’s disposable protective clothing. The disposable protective apparel from International Enviroguard can keep you safe from oil and gas to nuclear, healthcare and controlled environments. Its engineers understand that providing the best protection on a job site means giving users apparel that maximizes comfort and productivity to ensure optimal safety.

Our Top 10 Best Waterproof Shoe Covers For Rain

PalmFlex has a huge selection of water-resistant and waterproof shoe covers manufactured by the best suppliers in the market. Our customers look to these 10 waterproof shoe cover options for maximum durability, reliability and safety in the workplace.

1. Safety Zone Blue Waterproof Shoe and Boot Covers

These disposable booties come 300 to a case, providing you with reliable coverings that are ideal for multi-purpose environments. More about these shoe covers:

  • Features: They have elastic edges for a secure fit and are 100 percent latex-free.
  • Durability: They are made from a durable and waterproof copolymer plastic with skid-resistant texture throughout the cover. Standard 4-5 mil. thickness. Covers can be used multiple times before being discarded.
  • Uses: They can be used for general maintenance and household operations, food processing, construction, asbestos abatement, environmental cleanup, mold remediation, lead abatement and spray painting.

Safety Zone Waterproof Disposable Shoe Covers

2. Safety Zone Premium 8 Mil Waterproof Shoe & Boot Covers XL

Once known as “Shoe Armor,” these Safety Zone waterproof shoe covers are thicker and larger than regular covers, offering increased strength and sizing for extended use. More about these covers:

  • Features: These heavy-duty, reusable, waterproof shoe covers provide exceptional traction to reduce slippage. Their large sizing accommodates work boots and shoes sized 6-16.
  • Durability: The 8 mil. thickness of these waterproof shoe covers provide extra strength and durability.
  • Uses: They can be used for critical environments, construction, asbestos abatement, environmental cleanup, real estate showings, mold remediation, household cleaning, lead abatement, general operations, spray painting, food processing and agriculture.

3. Safe Track Heavy Duty Waterproof Shoe & Boot Covers

Manufactured by the experts at Tian’s International, Safe Track disposable waterproof shoe covers are ideal for nearly every context. They work for exterior pest control, lawn care, interior plumbing, assembly or old and gas applications. More about these covers:

  • Features: They have superior skid resistance to enhance user safety.
  • Durability: Heavy-duty PE-laminated fabric is long lasting in both indoor and outdoor applications. It is stronger than alternative plastics used in waterproof shoe covers. These covers are extra durable and completely impervious to liquids.
  • Uses: They can be used for ISO class 5 critical environments, construction, food service, handy work and carpet cleaning.

Safe Track High Traction Waterproof Shoe Covers

4. BlueMed Bonzo HD Waterproof Shoe Covers XL

BlueMed’s Bonzo line of disposable waterproof shoe covers are perfect for a variety of uses, especially within the medical industry and within environments susceptible to heavy rain and snow contact. These cost-effective shoe covers are available in cases of 500 and are sized to accommodate large work or snow boots. More about these covers:

  • Features: The chlorinated polyethylene film and textured surface provide anti-skid properties to increase wearer safety.
  • Durability: Ultra strength is offered through a copolymer material and high-density film that provides the highest resistance and protection available.
  • Uses: They can be used for medical, dental, industrial, oil and gas, plumbing, cleaning, food service, construction, assembly and general work.

5. Pro Waterproof Reusable Shoe & Boot Covers

Made in the USA, these Pro Shoe Covers have a 6- to 9-month expectancy, providing your employees with an extended lifespan. Perfect for a number of settings, including homes with a “No Shoe Policy” or jobs where floors and carpets need guaranteed protection, these reusable waterproof shoe coverings are machine washable. More about these covers:

  • Features: Easily slip these covers on and off all boots and shoes to obtain supreme traction. A moisture barrier and leak-proof properties ensure they create no dirty tracks. All sizes are laboratory tested, TAA compliant and ASTM safety rated.
  • Durability: They are made of premium nylon material, double-stitched and reinforced, to provide consistent durability and reliability for at least six months.
  • Uses: They can be used for real estate showings, asbestos abatement, agriculture, pest control, construction, interior remodeling, food processing, spray painting, and general indoor and outdoor maintenance.

6. Safe Track High Traction Waterproof Shoe Covers

When there’s a high potential for slips and falls, your employees need skid-resistant waterproof shoe covers designed for indoor and outdoor use. These waterproof shoe covers produced by Tian’s International offer superior traction and exceptional fluid barrier protection. More about these covers:

  • Features: Extra thick and heavy duty, Safe Track High Traction waterproof shoe covers can be reused over and over without fail.
  • Durability: Made with a long-lasting PE-laminated fabric, these plastic waterproof shoe covers are impervious to liquids, providing you with excellent strength and durability.
  • Uses: They can be used for construction, carpet cleaning, handy work, food service, ISO class 5 critical environments and plumbing.

7. Pro Waterproof Reusable MaxTrek High Rise Shoe & Boot Covers

MaxTrek High Rise waterproof shoe covers provide complete shoe coverage up to the laces. Washable and reusable, these products made in the USA are designed to fit all boots and shoes. They’re ASTM safety rated, laboratory tested in static dissipation and particle testing, TAA compliant and meet all cleanroom standards. More about these covers:

  • Features: The water-resistant material and leak-proof moisture barrier ensure no dirty tracks get left behind. These easy slip-on and -off shoes are ideal for controlled environments.
  • Durability: Reusable for periods as long as nine months, these full-coverage shoe covers are nylon with double-stitched seams for reinforced durability.
  • Uses: They can be used for cleanroom, food service, construction, assembly, plumbing, pest control, oil and gas, spray painting and environmental cleanup.

8. Safety Zone Polyethylene Shoe & Boot Covers

The Safety Zone Polyethylene waterproof boot covers are designed for splash and spill protection reaching high above the ankle. These are some of the ultimate waterproof shoe covers for employees working in heavily soiled areas. More about these covers:

  • Features: Disposable and waterproof, the clear covers can accommodate an extended length boot or laboratory shoe.
  • Durability: Constructed with clear polyethylene, these heavy-duty 5 mil. boot covers include elastic that stretches to a 16-inch height.
  • Uses: They can be used for construction, farming, food industry, laboratories, critical environments, carpet cleaning, handy work, assembly, plumbing and pest control.

Trust PalmFlex for Incredible Waterproof Shoe Covers

Whether your employees’ workplace is a home, construction site, medical facility or farm, a pair of waterproof shoe covers offers protection from liquid while minimizing the risk of slip and falls. Disposable shoe covers for rain are ideal for many industries. No matter where your employees work, you should provide them with the resources they need to perform their jobs safely and effectively.

PalmFlex sells all of the brands and products listed in this waterproof shoe covers buyers guide. We offer volume discounts to all of our customers as well as free shipping on orders over $80 in the continental United States. View our inventory to learn more about the features and benefits of our waterproof shoe covers. Have a large volume order? Request a bulk quote today.

Have any questions about our brands or pricing discounts? Want to get more information on which waterproof shoe covers are right for your employees? Contact one of our helpful customer service representatives today.


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