Best Water Resistant Coveralls For Work

Best Splash Resistant Coveralls

Sometimes getting down to business means getting dirty. If your employees thrive in an industry that exposes them to water and other liquids, you know the value of a good set of coveralls. Unfortunately, not all coveralls are built to withstand the heavy demands of some applications. To ensure that you provide your employees with the best tools for the job, you need to choose high-quality water resistant products from reliable manufacturers.

Which water resistant coveralls are best for your business? The answer depends on the unique demands of your industry and the level of protection your employees require. PalmFlex understands that different businesses require diverse needs, which is why we carry a wide range of the top water resistant coveralls from the finest manufacturers in the world.


DuPont knows that your employees face a high level of uncertainty when performing their jobs, especially when they’re working with hazardous chemicals or bacteria-ridden substances. For more than 200 years, DuPont has designed innovative solutions to help people live safer lives. Their personal protective equipment includes splash resistant coveralls that offer the comfort and protection your employees need to complete their work while preserving their safety. Some of our best-selling coveralls feature DuPont’s trusted Tyvek material, an innovative resource used to protect buildings from the elements during construction.

Dupont Splash Resistant Coveralls

DuPont Tyvek Coveralls With Hood and Elastic Cuffs

Heavy-duty work requires heavy-duty protection. The DuPont Tyvek Disposable Coveralls featuring a hood and elastic cuffs is the lightweight personal protection solution for demanding work environments. These coveralls prevent transfer of sub-micron-sized particles of everything from dirt and asbestos to lead and radioactive dust.

  • Specs: Protection against dry hazardous and liquid nonhazardous contaminates.
  • Durability: Lightweight, highly resistant to tearing, highly resistant to punctures, abrasion-resistant.
  • Applications: General operations, mold remediation, biological hazard protection and dry particulate protection.

DuPont Tyvek Coveralls With Hood and Boots

Increase your team’s protection with DuPont Tyvek Disposable Coveralls that feature a front zipper closure, elastic wrist cuffs, attached hood and Tyvek FC friction boots. Head to toe coverage made with Tyvek material protects against hazardous sub-micron-sized dust particles.

  • Specs: Chemically/biologically inert.
  • Durability: Tear-resistant, puncture-resistant, penetration-resistant, lightweight, breathable design.
  • Applications: Paint spraying, lead abatement, military-grade chemical protection and laboratories.

DuPont Tyvek Coveralls With Elastic Cuffs

DuPont doesn’t make you choose between comfort and quality. Their Tyvek Coveralls featuring elastic cuffs were created to deliver optimal range of motion, flexibility and comfort.

  • Specs: Elastic openings at wrists and ankles as well as elastic along the waist for a more tailored fit.
  • Durability: Reinforced in high-stress areas.
  • Applications: Industrial safety, mold remediation, biological hazard protection, asbestos abatement and environmental cleanups.

Many of our customers consider DuPont coveralls to be among the premier protection solutions for a wide range of industries. PalmFlex is proud to carry seven types of DuPont splash-resistant coveralls to meet your business needs, including DuPont TyChem coveralls, which are rated for at least half an hour of protection against 42 different chemical challenges. Browse our full offering online the right shopping experience.


With a reputation for high-quality personal protection apparel, Majestic designs their gear to exceed industry standards. Majestic is a member of the International Safety Equipment Association and is committed to continually delivering reliable safety in each product they manufacture. Their ergonomically designed safety solutions include splash resistant coveralls that are used in industries throughout the country. Three of our most popular splash resistant coveralls are engineered with Majestic’s high-quality craftsmanship.

Majestic AeroTEX SMS Coveralls With Elastic Wrists and Ankles

Exceptional breathability and supreme particle holdout, the AeroTEX SMS Coveralls feature elastic ankle and wrists cuffs. The outer SMS fabric barrier is strong yet soft, while the polypropylene inner layer protects the body against liquid and dust particles.

  • Specs: Elastic ankle and wrist cuffs, tri-laminate construction.
  • Durability: High tensile strength, strong barrier against nonhazardous dust and liquid particles.
  • Applications: Mining, utilities, pressure washing and waste recycling.

Majestic BLAZETEX SMS Blue Coveralls With Elastic Wrists and Ankles

Another exceptional coverall set for nonhazardous protection, the BLAZETEX SMS coveralls come in a solid blue coloring and meet the standards for NFPA 701 flame resistance.

  • Specs: Elastic around the wrists, ankles and waist provides comfort, while tri-laminate construction protects against solid and liquid airborne particles.
  • Durability: Tailoring around the seat and armpits reinforces against rips and tears.
  • Applications: Plumbing, construction, welding and industrial manufacturing.

Majestic BLAZETEX SMS Blue Coveralls With Hood

The BLAZETEX SMS Flame Retardant coveralls feature the same benefits as the traditional BLAZETEX SMS coveralls but come with an attached hood for maximum safety.

  • Specs: Features anti-static properties to maximize fire resistance.
  • Durability: Strength derived from non-wood pulp tri-laminate fabric.
  • Applications: Lab work, construction, welding and industrial manufacturing.

PalmFlex is ready to supply you with nine different selections from Majestic’s impressive splash resistant coverall line. Other variations also include Majestic’s ComforTEX Microporous coveralls with optional attached hood and boots. These coveralls use ComforTEX material that creates a lightweight and breathable fabric able to withstand dust and particles in nonhazardous environments. Discover a new standard of personal protection apparel with the top splash resistant coveralls from Majestic and PalmFlex.

Safety Zone Splash Resistant Work Coveralls

Safety Zone

Safety Zone prioritizes safety in everything they do, which is one reason they’ve become a leading manufacturer of personal protection products around the world. Their coveralls range in sizes from medium to 5XL, providing a cool and comfortable fit for all men and women. PalmFlex is pleased to carry a number of Safety Zone splash resistant coveralls, including these best-sellers.

Safety Zone 60 Gram Microporous Tyvek-Like Coveralls With Hood and Elastic Wrists

Businesses looking for an affordable alternative to Tyvek material can turn to Safety Zone’s 60 Gram Microporous Tyvek-like coveralls. Air is free to flow in and out of the material, while dust and liquid particles are caught by a protective breathable barrier.

  • Specs: Latex-free fabrics featuring elastic wrist and ankle cuffs with an attached hood.
  • Durability: Strengthen by non-woven polypropylene and microporous materials.
  • Applications: Construction, lab work, painting and plumbing.

Safety Zone 60 Gram Breathable Barrier Coveralls With Open Wrists and Ankles

Personnel in the food, custodial and pet service industries rely on Safety Zone 60 Gram Breathable Barrier Coveralls. These coveralls meet all food handling requirements set forth by the FDA, including during the manufacturing and packaging stages of creation and distribution.

  • Specs: Designed for safe repeated use even in food service capacities.
  • Durability: Breathable barriers provide strong protection against liquid and dust particles.
  • Applications: Food service, custodial, pet care and cosmetic.

Safety Zone 50 Gram Triple Layer SMS Coveralls With Elastic Cuffs

Even in high temperature environments, your employees need to keep their cool. Help them shed heat and moisture with Safety Zone 50 Gram Triple Layer SMS coveralls that are designed to let warm air out without letting harmful contaminants in.

  • Specs: Triple layer fabric protection.
  • Durability: Heavy duty strength against most liquids and small particles.
  • Applications: Nuclear, agricultural spraying, labs and utilities.

Safety Zone 60 Gram Microporous Tyvek-Like Coveralls With Hood and Boot

Two layers of polypropylene fabric reinforce the liquid protection in the Safety Zone 60 Gram Microporous Tyvek-like coveralls. Elastic is integrated into the wrists, ankles and hoods to ensure people of all sizes can feel comfortable in this latex-free apparel.

  • Specs: Attached hood and boots featuring elastic for a secure fit.
  • Durability: Double layered fabric for reliable liquid protection.
  • Applications: Medical, painting, food service and construction.

Nearly all of our Safety Zone splash resistant coveralls have become some of our top selling products. With a focus on comfort and quality, Safety Zone creates coveralls that keep employees cool and free from harm. Shop our great inventory of Safety Zone coveralls and see why their superior PPE products are chosen by employers around the world.

International EnviroGuard

Comfortable Confidence — that’s the name of the game for International EnviroGuard. Their company creates PPE coveralls and other equipment that keep people, productivity and operations safeguarded from top to bottom. Designed with comfort in mind, International EnviroGuard coveralls provide a great fit for all body types. Their products can stand up to the toughest working conditions and have been used in extreme contexts such as the Deep Water Horizon Disaster cleanup effort and used by healthcare professionals during the Ebola crisis.

Benefits of International EnviroGuard splash resistant coveralls include the following:

  • All coveralls are environmentally friendly and recyclable.
  • Most are tested for several industrial-grade chemicals.
  • Many fabrics pass the ASTM F1670 testing requirements for blood penetration.
  • ValuGuard MP fabrics deliver microporous protection and lightweight comfort for an economical price.
  • MicroGuard MP fabrics provide an exceptional alternative to Tyvek materials.
  • They’re applicable for woodworking, pesticides, tank cleaning and fiberglass work.

PalmFlex is stocked with seven fantastic coverall selections manufactured by International EnviroGuard. Depending on your needs, you can choose between coveralls that deliver a snug and secure fit or options that offer more room for mobility without sacrificing strength. We even carry separate Tyvek-like liquid resistant pants with an elastic waist for businesses that require comfort, strength, durability and protection solely for the lower body. Browse our inventory of International EnviroGuard splash resistant coveralls and enjoy discounted pricing on bulk orders.

Tian’s International

For more than 25 years, Tian’s International has created world-class protective apparel that’s used in industries small and large. Known for their coveralls, shoe covers and ‘Ninja Hoods,’ Tian’s International produces clean and protective apparel solutions using a variety of quality materials. All products are manufactured in their own factory, ensuring that every inch can endure whatever the job entails. PalmFlex is pleased to stock nine impressive coverall selections produced by Tian’s International. These affordably priced protective solutions are designed with features including the following:

  • Either IOS class 6 or 7 compatibility
  • Sizes ranging from small to 5XL depending on product
  • Microporous film coating, low lint SMS fabric or Tyvek-equivalent fabric in every product
  • Ideal for pharmaceutical, medical, lab work and general cleanup applications

Tian's International Splash Resistant Coveralls

Most coveralls are constructed with three layers of non-woven fabric to ensure exceptional splash protection. One SMS variation is available in a sky blue color. Tian’s International’s special Tyvek-equivalent coveralls are very breathable and feature elastic wrists and ankles. You can also choose to separately purchase their Ninja Hoods, which are designed to handle exposure to some hazardous liquids and bloodborne pathogens found in industrial and medical applications. If you need splash resistant coveralls for a critical or industrial environment, let PalmFlex supply you with Tian’s International products.


Whether you’re looking for an off-the-shelf solution or a customized product designed with the latest cutting-edge technologies, you should be able to obtain coveralls that meet your high standards without high pricing. PalmFlex proudly provides ValuMax splash resistant coveralls at unbeatable prices. Every product ValuMax manufactures meets the highest industrial and government standards to ensure your employees are always outfitted with superior-quality merchandise. We carry five of ValuMax’s best LiquidGuard Coveralls, all of which feature:

  • Lint/latex free material
  • Treatment with anti-static
  • 100 percent particle holdout
  • Category 1 Helmke Drum Test rated low particle shedding
  • High durability stitching
  • Smooth pull zipper
  • Ideal construction for industrial safety, general maintenance, laboratories, paint spraying, environmental cleanups and more

The ValuMax Coolback LiquidGuard and Total LiquidGuard coverall variants are manufactured for durability and liquid resistance. Best compared to Tyvek material, these products can deliver the full-body protection your employees need. Available with and without hoods and boots, ValuMax coveralls protect against hazardous and non-hazardous contaminants while keeping the wearer cool and comfortable. Discover why so many industries trust ValuMax for superior quality and maximum durability. We offer free shipping in the continental U.S. for orders over $80, which includes a single case of select ValuMax coveralls.

West Chester

The folks at West Chester know how hard your employees work. They believe that performance and protection go hand in hand, which is why they pride themselves on providing exceptional personal protective gear that enables your team to stay safe and perform at their best. Many of the largest industrial distributors in the United States rely on West Chester products daily to meet their protective gear needs. Our top-selling West Chester splash resistant coveralls offer a high level of breathability and layers of protection.

West Chester 3659 Microporous Coveralls With Hood, Boot and Elastic Cuffs

For full body protection, the West Chester 3659 Disposable Coveralls offer head to toe coverage. Manufactured with a breathable microporous material, this latex-free product is lightweight yet withstands heavy exposure to liquid sprays and dry particulates.

  • Specs: Latex-free, low lint, elastic ankle cuffs.
  • Durability: Strong, comfortable sizing.
  • Applications: Manufacturing, painting, pest control, plumbing, pressure washing, resurfacing or fiberglass handling.

PalmFlex offers more than a dozen different variations of West Chester splash resistant coveralls. White, yellow and gray colors are available in some varieties. We also carry West Chester Tyvek-alternative coveralls for hazmat and asbestos abatement applications. For less intensive cleaning and mold remediation, our laminated water resistant coveralls feature full length zipper fronts that don’t restrict movement. Outfit everyone from your custodial crew to your food processing team with West Chester’s fantastic line of splash resistant coveralls from PalmFlex.

Keep Your Employees Covered From Top to Bottom With PalmFlex Coveralls

Your team works hard for the success of your business — provide them with everything they need to perform their work safely and efficiently. If your employees need full cover protection, you need the best splash resistant work coveralls on the market today. PalmFlex is proud to offer seven of the leading brands in personal protection equipment. These dynamic products were designed to withstand the heavy demands of industries across the spectrum. From cleaning, landscaping and construction to assembly, medical and welding applications, our coveralls will exceed your needs.

Our huge selection of personal protective equipment is rivaled only by our astoundingly low prices. We offer additional volume discounts and will provide free shipping for orders over $80 within the continental U.S. We’re positive that our selection of the top splash resistant coveralls will exceed the needs of your employees, which is why we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If our coveralls aren’t a good fit for your needs, you can return them within 30 days.

You can find the top water resistant coverall brands on our website. Our PalmFlex customer service team is ready to answer all of your questions so that you can quickly and conveniently find the best splash resistant coveralls for your business. Don’t spend more money only to receive lower quality products. Purchase the trusted personal protection equipment from the best-selling brand at the lowest prices. With volume discounts and free shipping on qualified orders, PalmFlex has your company covered from head to toe.

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