Best Rain Gear for Work in 2023

Best Rain Gear for Work | PalmFlex Buyer's Guide

Not much is worse than getting drenched in the rain for hours on end while you work. For people in construction, transportation, fishing, and other outdoor industries, it is all but impossible to avoid exposure to bad weather. Fortunately, PalmFlex carries a wide selection of waterproof rainwear to keep you dry all day long. Here are our recommendations for the best rain gear for work in 2021.

Best Rain Jackets for Work

Best Rain Jackets for Work

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We carry a variety of rain jackets for work to protect the head and torso. Most of them are hi vis for extra safety during poor weather conditions, and sizes run from Small to 6XL to fit every need. We recommend hi vis bomber jackets for the best combination of rain protection and functionality. Some of our most popular bomber jackets include:

Majestic Hi Vis 8 in 1 Bomber Jacket: Designed with a PU coated polyester shell, removable ANSI Class 3 liner, and ANSI Class 2 vest, this bomber jacket can be worn eight different ways! The concealed, detachable hood works with both jacket and liner.

Majestic Hi Vis Black Bottom Bomber Jacket: This bomber jacket is black around the bottom and the wrists and high visibility everywhere else. This hides grime and prevents staining in the most vulnerable areas while still offering the protection of high visibility.

Portwest Hi Vis Classic 3 in 1 Bomber Jacket: This classic bomber jacket features a detachable faux fur liner, removable sleeves, and detachable collar, making it adaptable to all weather conditions. Other features include ID pocket, security sleeve pocket and contrast black panels.

Want to see more options? We have additional rain jackets for work available here.

Best Rain Pants for Work

Best Rain Pants for Work

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Rain pants for work will protect your legs and pair with many of the rain jackets previously discussed. Like the jackets, most are hi vis and run from size Small to 6XL. Two of our most popular styles are:

Majestic Hi Vis Waterproof Rain Pants: These economical ANSI Class E rain pants are made of 100% PU coated polyester. They feature an elastic waist, taped seams, and two outer pockets.

Radians HD Rip Stop Waterproof Pants With Bib: These ANSI Class E pant bibs are made of heavy duty rip-stop oxford material for maximum durability. They are high visibility and designed with silver reflective tape and reinforced knee areas for utmost protection.

You can browse here to see more rain pants for work, or alternatively, you can opt for a pair of rain bibs. Rain bibs are designed with sturdy plastic shoulder strap buckles and can be worn alone or easily paired with a rain jacket to provide full body waterproof protection.

Best Rain Suits for Work

Best Rain Suits for Work

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Rain suits for work offer convenient, top-to-bottom protection to keep your entire body dry no matter the weather. They are also available in sizes Small to 6XL for every need. We recommend the following two high visibility styles:

West Chester Hi Vis Black Bottom Waterproof Rain Suit: This rain suit is made of durable poly oxford/PU fabric and features ANSI Certified reflective tape to increase visibility. The black color blocking hides dirt and grime and also prevents staining.

Majestic Hi Vis 2-Piece Waterproof Rain Suit with Hood: This economical 2-piece rain suit is 100% waterproof and windproof. It is made of lightweight polyester and has an attached hood with drawstring.

We also have non hi vis rain suits for work available here.

Additional Rain Gear for Total Protection

To round out your rainwear outfit, we recommend the following two items:

Waterproof Gloves: Your hands are the most important tool you have. Our high quality waterproof gloves will keep them dry and comfortable throughout the day. You can explore our top ten waterproof gloves for specific recommendations.

Waterproof Shoe Covers: If you need to step inside while it’s raining outside, waterproof shoe covers will protect floors and carpets from getting wet. These are ideal for cleaning, construction, food service, and more. You can explore our top ten waterproof shoe covers for more info.

Explore the Best Rain Gear for Work at PalmFlex

At PalmFlex, we want to make sure you are as safe and comfortable as possible while working in the rain. That is why we’ve amassed a large collection of waterproof workwear to keep you protected from head to toe. We hope this guide has helped in your browsing experience, and you can find additional tips on how to stay dry in the rain here.

Ready to purchase the best rain gear for work? You can easily place your order online and enjoy free shipping over $80 in the continental U.S. Request a bulk quote to save even more. If you have any additional questions about the rain gear above, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly customer service representatives today.