Best PPE For Doctors, Nurses, & Hospital Workers

Throughout the pandemic, medical professionals have courageously stepped up to the frontlines to treat the many victims of coronavirus. The increased demand for medical care brought on by this virus has also created a greater need for the best PPE for doctors, nurses, and other hospital workers.

While the country is still enduring a disposable PPE shortage, we at PalmFlex are doing everything we can to replenish our stock as quickly as possible to keep our brave healthcare professionals safe. Please use the buyer’s guide below for PPE recommendations and check our website for availability, as inventory fluctuates daily. At PalmFlex, we stand at the ready to supply you with your personal protective equipment needs. Read about the Best PPE For doctors and more below.

Face & Head Wear

Face masks and shields protect against infectious bacteria as well as fumes, dust, and other living organisms, essential for medical work. They are available in both disposable and reusable styles. Safety glasses protect your eyes from hazardous particles and are available in a variety of styles. Bouffant caps prevent hair from contaminating sanitized areas and patients in medical facilities. Together, they provide complete face and head protection when interacting with sick patients.

Disposable Workwear

Currently, medical professionals don’t have the luxury of socially distancing themselves from patients who may be infected with COVID-19. In fact, these patients are the ones who need their attention the most. For this reason, full-body protective wear is needed. We have several options available:

Disposable scrubs and gowns protect against the spread of germs and contagions, ideal for hospitals. The scrubs are opaque, providing complete “no show through” coverage. 

SMS coveralls are liquid resistant and offer full body protection. They are made of 3 layers (Spunbond-Meltblown-Spunbond). The outer Spunbond layers give the polypropylene fabric most of its strength while the middle Meltblown layer, which is a microporous film, gives the fabric its resistance to liquids and allows the fabric to breathe.

Lab Coats are a cost-effective protective solution for medical environments like hospitals. Choose white or colored lab coats as well as other styles.

Medical Disposable Gloves

One of the greatest necessities presented by the COVID-19 outbreak is medical disposable gloves. Also known as exam gloves, these single-use gloves meet the inspection standards of the FDA and ASTM to ensure the utmost security for medical professionals exposed to living organisms like the coronavirus.

Our medical gloves are powder-free and are available in latex, nitrile, and vinyl:

  • Latex is made of natural rubber and is elastic and form-fitting for utmost dexterity. 
  • Nitrile offers superior chemical resistance, long shelf life, and eliminates the risk of latex allergies. 
  • Vinyl is also hypoallergenic but more economical than nitrile, ideal for short-term use.

Medical Shoe Covers

Medical shoe covers prevent outside dirt and grime from contaminating controlled environments like hospitals. Most styles are non-slip for superior traction when working on smooth floors. You can choose from disposable and reusable options and other features including waterproof and chemical resistance to meet your specific needs.

Explore Our Medical PPE Selection

The Coronavirus has put everyone in this country to the test, but perhaps none more so than our heroic healthcare professionals. PalmFlex is proud to supply them with the medical PPE that is most critical in this trying time. Feel free to contact us online to discuss your medical PPE needs with one of our experts and save with free shipping over $80 in the continental U.S.

After reading about the best PPE for doctors, nurses, and hospital workers during these tough times, you can also check out our blog for more valuable information on keeping your workers and environment safe.