Best Palm Coated Work Gloves With Grip

Best Palm Coated Work Gloves With Grip

All work gloves provide a certain amount of grip by design. For some applications, extra grip is required for the safety of the workers and/or the materials being handled. We recommend gloves with superior grip if: A) You carry heavy objects, e.g. warehouse work or landscaping, B) You handle fragile materials, e.g. assembly or glass handling, or C) You work in higher elevations, e.g. construction or roofing. In all of these fields of work, palm coated gloves can provide the extra grip needed to prevent drops or falls. PalmFlex carries a wide selection to cater to every unique need. Browse our top recommendations for the best palm coated work gloves with grip below.

Nitrile Coated Gloves

Nitrile Coated GlovesIn addition to providing extra grip, nitrile coated gloves offer the most puncture and abrasion resistance of any palm coated glove for maximum durability. If you work with sharper materials, nitrile coated work gloves are the style for you.

Our most popular style is the Showa Atlas 370 Nitrile Gloves, which provide excellent protection and dexterity. These gloves come in black but are also available in white, assorted colors, and individual colors. Size extra small available here.

Another popular style is the Showa Atlas 350 NitrileFit Gloves, which has the added benefit of being chemical resistant.

Foam Nitrile Coated Gloves

Foam Nitrile Coated Gloves

Nitrile Foam is 25% thinner than standard nitrile on average, making foam nitrile coated gloves the most lightweight extra grip option. While they do not offer quite the same level of puncture resistance as standard nitrile, workers often find this breathable style as the most comfortable.

Our most popular foam nitrile coated work gloves are the PIP MaxiFlex Ultimate 34-874 Grip Gloves, which offer high-precision handling and breathability, and the Majestic 3228 SuperDex Gloves, which have been treated with sanitizing and antimicrobial substances to reduce the spread of germs.

For maximum grip, you can also get the dotted palm styles of these gloves: the PIP MaxiFlex Endurance 34-844 Dotted Gloves and the Majestic 3228D SuperDex Dotted Gloves.

Latex Coated Gloves

Latex coated gloves, sometimes referred to as rubber coated gloves, are the most Latex Coated Gloveseconomical palm coated style while providing the same level of protection and grip as nitrile. They are best suited for handling larger objects where tactility and precision-handling are not the primary concern.

Our most popular latex coated work gloves are the Showa Atlas Fit 300 Gloves, which are the best selling gardening, construction, and general-purpose glove at PalmFlex.

Another popular style is the Showa Atlas Regrip 330 Gloves, which are designed with a reinforced thumb crotch to improve longevity up to 3 times in key areas.

Explore Our Collection of Work Gloves With Grip

No one knows the demands of your job like you do. This is why at PalmFlex, we offer a versatile selection of palm coated work gloves with grip and abrasion resistance. You can begin your browsing experience by determining which type of palm coating material is right for you, then check out our bestselling glove styles linked above or use the filters on the product list page to hone your search.

Take advantage of our huge volume discounts when you order work gloves in bulk, or submit a custom bulk quote request to save even more. All orders over $80 ship free within the continental U.S. Have questions about our palm coated work gloves with grip? Contact us to discuss your needs with one of our experts.