Best Non-Slip Shoe Covers

Non-slip shoe covers offer superior traction and are used in many industries to prevent dirt and grime from entering the workplace, preserving a sterile and sanitary environment. If you’re looking for the best shoe cover for your needs, you’ll find that just like shoes, there’s no one size fits all. Some are designed to be reusable while others are waterproof in addition to anti-skid. Check out our winners for each of the features below to figure out which non-slip shoe cover will work best for you.

Best Waterproof Non-Slip Shoe Cover

PalmFlex carries the highest quality waterproof shoe covers, with styles built to handle the needs of applications from pest control to environmental cleanup. Among our bestselling waterproof shoe covers is the SafeTrack High Traction Waterproof shoe cover. These extra thick waterproof shoe covers are built to keep out all liquids, while superior skid resistance minimizes the risk of slipping even in wet environments.

Best Heavy Duty Non-Slip Shoe Cover

Made of thick material, heavy duty shoe covers are designed to handle rough surfaces and provide utmost durability. The BlueMed Big Kahuna Pro HD Shoe Covers have an anti-skid print pattern and heavier fabric for demanding applications and environments. They are made in North America and specially fitted for work boots or bigger shoe sizes.

Best Reusable Non-Slip Shoe Cover

Most shoe covers are designed to be disposable. If you’re on the hunt for a high-quality non-slip shoe cover you can use repeatedly, the Pro Waterproof Reusable Shoe & Boot Covers are our recommended pick for you. Made with machine-washable premium nylon, these non-slip covers are double-stitched and reinforced for long-lasting coverage and reusable wear. Thanks to a permanently sealed moisture barrier and a rugged, water-resistant sole, they are equipped to handle the elements without breaking down.

Best Shoe Covers for Medical Use

For those in the medical industry, the Safety Zone Non-Slip Tread shoe covers are a popular choice. Made with 100% polypropylene, they’re durable and tear-resistant, limiting the risk of damage or wear and tear. They’re also designed to be comfortable, lightweight and breathable for the medical personnel who are likely to be wearing them for hours on end. A non-slip sole adds to workplace safety, reducing the risk of slipping.

PalmFlex carries a range of non-slip shoe covers that are recommended for medical use, including liquid guard and water-resistant shoe covers.

Best Non-Slip Boot Covers

We carry several non-slip boot cover options specifically for workers who need protection while wearing bootsTian’s Tyvek-Equivalent Super Track Boot Covers are built with calf-length high-top coverage. Elasticized top and ankle openings make this boot cover easy to put on and comfortable to wear. The two-layer design — constructed from a mixture of polyethylene and polypropylene — makes for a breathable effect that still resists liquid penetration.

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No matter your industry, you can improve your workplace safety in one easy step. Incorporate high-quality, durable non-slip shoe covers to keep your employees’ shoes sanitary and safe. Using the above guide, you can select the right shoe cover for the job and place your order online today. Buy in bulk to make the most of our volume discounts. All orders over $80 receive free shipping in the continental U.S.