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If you ask someone about their favorite activities, odds are cleaning is not high up on the list. Interacting with dirt, grime, and bacteria can be unpleasant to say the least, and without the right cleaning PPE, it could even get you sick. To minimize the unpleasantness and health risks around this necessary task, we’ve assembled a wide collection of cleaning gloves, dishwashing gloves, and more cleaning PPE. Whether you’re looking for the best cleaning gloves for personal or professional use, we’ve got you covered at PalmFlex. Read on to learn our top recommendations.

Best Cleaning Gloves

Disposable gloves make the best cleaning gloves because you can discard them as soon as they are soiled. Since they are so economical, you can simply grab the next pair and continue where you left off.

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Safety Zone 4 Mil Vinyl Powder Free Gloves

These vinyl gloves are an inexpensive solution for basic cleaning applications that don’t involve harsh chemicals, like wiping and dusting. They are latex-free, ideal for individuals with latex sensitivity, and meet the FFDCA requirements for food contact.

Safety Zone 3 Mil Vinyl Stretch Powder Free Gloves

These gloves include all the same features, but they are made of stretch vinyl, which is more form-fitting than regular vinyl. They are latex-free, yet they share the popular look, feel, and performance of a latex glove. For a more tight-fitting glove with increased tactility, opt for stretch vinyl.

Safety Zone 4.1 Mil Nitrile Powder Free Gloves

These premium nitrile gloves are chemical resistant, ideal for applications where harsh chemicals are in use, such as cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. They also offer excellent puncture and tear resistance for more intensive cleaning tasks like scrubbing floors or cleaning an oven. They are latex free and meet FFDCA requirements like the previous gloves, and they are also textured for better gripping power. These gloves are available in five colorful options to suit your personal preference. For the best cleaning gloves for heavy duty and/or chemical applications, look no further than the 4.1 Mil Nitrile Powder Free Gloves from Safety Zone.

Best Dishwashing Gloves

Reusable gloves make the best dishwashing gloves since they can withstand the rigor of scrubbing pots, pans, and dishes. We recommend water-resistant and chemical-resistant gloves to prevent wear and tear during use.

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Showa Atlas 620 Vinylove Gloves

These medium-weight PVC gloves are chemical, oil, and water-resistant. They are flexible and durable with a comfortable seamless cotton lining. Their rough textured coating provides superior grip and abrasion resistance in wet or dry conditions. The gauntlet cuffs are 12 inches long to protect the forearms in addition to hands. They are double-dipped and last longer than ordinary PVC gloves.

Showa Atlas 660 Vinylove Gloves

These gloves share the same features as the 620 Vinylove but are triple-dipped instead of double-dipped, which means they last three times longer than ordinary PVC gloves. If you prefer long-lasting durability in your dishwashing gloves, opt for the 660.

Safety Zone 15 Mil Premium Flock Lined Nitrile Gloves

These premium gloves are 15 mil thick and have an embossed, textured design for superior grip, ideal for handling heavy pots and pans. They are flock lined for increased comfort and 12 inches long to protect the forearms.

More Cleaning PPE

More Cleaning PPE | PalmFlex

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Now that your hands are taken care of, let’s talk about other cleaning PPE. Cleaning shoe covers prevent dirt, grime, and other bacteria from entering the home or workplace. Some are waterproof to prevent floors and carpets from getting wet if you’re coming from the rain. They also protect shoes from getting wet when mopping, shampooing carpets, or performing other cleaning applications where liquids are involved. You may also want to consider non-slip shoe covers for increased traction while walking on smooth surfaces. Both disposable and reusable shoe cover styles are available.

Disposable coveralls protect the body and clothes from contaminants while cleaning. Polypropylene coveralls are lightweight, breathable, and inexpensive. They are used primarily to keep your clothes clean and dust-free. Microporous coveralls are more durable and resistant to liquids and some chemicals, ideal for heavy duty cleaning applications.

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At PalmFlex, our mission is to keep individuals safe, comfortable, and performing their best. That’s why we’ve stocked the best cleaning gloves and PPE to meet your cleaning needs. Get free shipping when you spend $80 or more and discounted prices when you buy in bulk. Need assistance? Get in touch with one of our customer service experts today.